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Finca Dracula is a private botanical garden located in Tierras Altas de Chiriqui, Panama, specialized in orchid culture and conservation. Its has a collection of over 2,000 orchid species and tropical gardens. 


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of orchids and nature through education
to visitors, artists, scientist and our community with the beauty and complexity of nature
by supporting scientists with our extensive collection and local knowledge
de las orquídeas y la naturaleza a travez de la educación
A visitantes, artistas, científicos, y a la comunidad con la belleza y complejidad de la naturaleza.
al apoyar a los científicos con nuestra extensa colección y conocimiento local

About us

Back in 1969, Andrew Maduro decided to purchase a finca (farm), which was mainly  cattle pasture. The Chiriqui Grande river, fastest river in Panama cutting through it  and a 1920 built Swiss German house standing in the middle were the only landmarks .

He then transformed this bare landscape into a paradise that a large number of native animals and plants claim as their home.

The farm's is location,  2,200 mts (7,200 ft) above sea level, was ideal to host his newfound obsession with South American cloud forest orchids.

Out of all the orchids the Draculas stook as queens. They flourished in these cold and dark days to the point Andrew was able to collect 112 of the 120 species that exist in the world and inspirig him to name his farm "Finca Dracula".

Our Collection

The collection of Finca Dracula hosts more than 2,000 orchid species and thousands more hybrids. It is specializes on orchids from Central and South America. This is due to the many trips the founder of the farm did to South America several years ago.

The bulk of the collection are “miniature orchids” which are mostly belong to Pleurothallidinae subtribe of orchids.

Those include the Masdevallia, also known as the jewl orchids, the Restrepia, Dracula, and many more genus, since it is a pretty diverse subtribe with thousands and thousands of species.

Orchid collectors are also fascinated by the Sobralias, which only last one day in bloom. Similarly the Stanhopeas from Panama and Mexico with their rich aromas are a special treat.

Lycastes and Maxillarias of different colors are the favorite of many visitors. We have some very neat hybrids from Japan’s best breeders.

And for those who love colors, there are many beautiful lady slippers (Pahiopedilumand Phragmipedium) which are almost always in bloom.

Nuestros Jardines

We have about one hectares of gardens which have been built over the past 30 years and are changing constantly. It includes many beautiful local species of plants and trees which help extend the range of many species of the forest.

The climate also allows us to grow many plants from the temperate climates, which love it and just keep growing, that is why some call this place, the “Eternal Spring”.

The gardens also have a wide variety of orchids growing on the trees as they would on nature, with many of their natural neighbors such as Monsteras, Anthuriums, Columneas, Bromeliads, among other. This gives visitors the opportunity to see what we see up in the mountains in the highest trees but at a very comfortable viewpoint.

Other highlights are the Dracula gardens which are dark and filled with exotic heliconias, anthurium and ferns, also the water gardens with the giant “Poor Man’s Umbrella” plants and calla lilies.

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