Terms of reservation


Group Discounts are not available during pandemic

These are the discounts we offer:

  • Booking discount: 10%
  • Early morning discount: 40%

Discount Conditions:

  • Discounts are only available Online
  • Tickets have to be payed by Credit Card, Deposit or Wire transfer.
  • Discounts are automatically calculated when selecting a time slot.
  • If you book a early morning ticket and arrive late, making it necessary to use another time slot, you must pay the price difference.



  • Online bookings of group tickets must be done at least 5 days ahead of visits.
  • Other tickets can be bought up to the day before the visit.
  • The selected time slot is for the guided tour. 
  • We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the selected time.
  • The guided tour takes around 45 minutes and starts sharp at the time of your booking.
  • If you are late your spot can be given to any visitor waiting for that time and  you can only take the following time slot if there is space available. Each time slot has a maximum of 15 person capacity.

The reservation will only be valid if it is payed for the day it was submitted online.

Cancelations and Refund Policy

  • If you don't arrive up to an hour after the booked time you will loose the booking and no refund will be issued.
  • You can cancel most bookings up to the day before the booked time except for group discount tickets which can only be cancelled up to 3 days before the booked time.
  • You cant cancel a booking that has had a date and/or time change.
  • If there are Bank fees associated with the booking and refund they will be discounted from the refund.
  • The booking will be cancelled and refund issued if the tour cannot be provided due to events outside of our control such as natural disasters, political unrest or road blockage.

Time and Date Changes

  • To make time and/or date changes you must notify us by phone or email.
  • Group tickets can be changed up to 3 days before the booked time, all other tickets can be changed up to the day before.
  • You can only change your booked time and/or date once.
  • You can only change the time slot to another one a price equal or lower to the one of the booking unless you pay for the price difference of the whole booking.
  • After changing the time and or date the reservation cant be cancelled.

Children and Students

  • Students between 10 and 17 years old could be asked for an ID to prove they are under 18 years old.
  • Students over 18 years old must have a student ID or another document that shows they are enrolled in an educational institution.
  • If the student can't provide such proof he or she must pay the 8$ difference in price at the gate.
  • Children under 5 yo enter for free and don't have to be registered.

Visits Without Guided Tours

  • You are required to buy an entry ticket to Finca Dracula for the time you expect to arrive even if you don't with to take the guided tour.
  • The price doesn't change.
  • You can't visit Finca Dracula to buy plants if you don't pay for a ticket.

Arriving late (within an hour)

If you aren't at the tour starting point when the tour starts:

  • The tour will start without you.
  • Someone else might take your spot.
  • If there is still room and you want to join in even though the tour already started you can.
  • You can be re-scheduled to take the tour in the following slot if there is still space available.

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