News 12 October 2022

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Huricane Julia

On October 7 and 8, Hurricane Julia with wind gusts of more than 50 km/h that caused several trees to fall on the property. Fortunately, there were no human injuries on our farm and the orchids were not affected. The gardens have been affected, so we work hard to remove all the fallen leaves and branches to allow the plants can recover as they always do.

We appreciate all the support that those who have been following the situation have given us and we thank those who have kept their bookings so that with your help we can recover from this.


  • At the moment our phone lines are not working. You can contact us by email.


  • We suspend visits until Thursday, October 13. You can visit us from Friday 14.
  • From now on you will be able to buy the ticket only.
  • If you want to have breakfast, lunch or brunch, you can reserve a table at the time of buying the ticket, and choose from the a la carte menu when visiting. We have already removed packages with meals to give visitors more flexibility.
  • National holidays are approaching, we recommend reserving your space in advance.

Online sales

  • The online store remains open with shipments to Panama on Wednesdays.
  • Any questions please write us by email.

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