Privacy Policy

Company Identification

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. is a corporation registered under the laws of the Republic of Panama, in the Public Registry, Commercial Registry Folio No. 290202.

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. assures all its customers that the data provided at the time of placing orders through the web are treated confidentially and respectfully.

Personal Data Management

Regarding the data of your debit or credit card or any other payment method, we are conscious and we ensure that the website security level is the necessary for the realization of these transactions; in the same way we guarantee that Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. eliminates completely and in its totality the whole information of your debit or credit card, in addition, Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. does not handle, nor stores information of your credit or debit cards once the payment has been completed.

When you place an order, and decide to pay by card, the transaction is made directly from a POS of Banco General de Panama, which will check the validity of the card and also guarantees that Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. exists and certifies the transaction.

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. as owner of the site, has adopted the measures and security levels of protection of the personal data established by the “General Data Protection Regulation” GDPR and other international laws.

Data Collection

The collection of personal data will be carried out only and exclusively through forms published in different parts of the website or other own domains or under the administration of Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. and will have as purpose the management of the related data and contact with the buyer or the addressee of the order, as well as the possible sending of surveys of satisfaction of occasional way to carry out statistics and marketing researches and company’s communications.

Personal information Cession to Third Parties

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. does not sell, transfer, nor transmit in any way information or personal data of its Clients/Users to third parties.

Changes in the Security and Data Protection Policy 

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A. keeps the right to modify its security and data protection policy in a discretional way, at any moment and without previous warning, always attending the current legislation in the matter of data protection. Changes affecting the processing of personal data will also be communicated to interested parties by email.

Contact Information

Maduro Tropical Flowers, S.A.  
Finca Drácula – Corregimiento de Guadalupe
Distrito de Tierras Altas – Chiriquí
República de Panamá