Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albocillatum


Plant of Bulbophyllum saltatorium var. albocillatum for sale without flowers.

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The  Bulbophyllum are one of the largest orchid genera in the world with more than 1800 species. They originate mainly from Southeast Asia but there are species in America. They are characterized by succulent rounded leaves with smooth rounded bulbs. Most of its species are found in cloudy forests of intermediate elevation, which means that they adapt very well to warm places. Occupying the same niche as the Pleurothallidinae in attracting flies for pollination, they come in many forms that resemble Pleurothallidinae so much that they make good alternative for those who want high elevation miniatures for warm places..


The Bulbophyllum  saltatorium  is an known species due to the little hairs on its labellum that makes it move with the wind.

Common Name

Bearded Orchid


The species originates from the warm forests up to 900 meters above sea level in West Equatorial Africa.

Plant care

Substrate Size
Temperature and Humidity
Warm - Humid

The plants are strong and succulent but they are still from tropical forests so they prefer humid conditions and constant watering while maintaining good drainage.

Bulbophyllum saltatorium  is a warm to intermediate climate plant. It will need humidity to grow happily.

We recommend placing them on mounts because they grow like vines and tend to climb out of the baskets while mounted so by hanging them they will wrap arround.

They do not tolerate much excess salinity.

Sale Presentation

Sales in Panama
  • 4" Sphagnum pot
  • 2-3 leaves
  • Without Flowers
  • Adult division product acquired from international growers.
International Sale
  • Wrapped in newspaper without substrate
  • 2-3 leaves
  • Without Flowers
  • Adult division product acquired from international growers.