Tour Tickets on Sale

These are discounted tickets to Finca Dracula. Each ticket is valid for 1 person and includes:

  • Access to Gardens
  • Guided tour through orchid exhibition and special gardens.

For more information visit our tour page.



This page only shows dates with available tickets on sale. If you want to visit any other day you can check out out full price tickets.


The guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes and starts every hour sharp. Your booking time is for the guided part of your visit, so you can come anytime before that. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before that time. The unguided part of the visit through the gardens can be done before or after the guided tour and they take about an hour at a moderate pace.

If you are late you might miss part of the tour or your spot may be given to someone waiting list in which case you may need to wait for the next tour with available space.


This page has the discounted tickets with the discounts already applied in the price shown. The discounts are for:

  • Month of January
  • Weekdays
  • Early birds (8am)
  • Carnival Friday (February 21st)
  • Ash Wednesday (February 26th)
  • Resurrection Sunday (Abril 12)
  • Last Day of the season (April 30th)

These discounts are only available online and with purchases 5 days ahead.


These reservations can be made up to 5 days before the visit and it would guarantee your spot. If you plan on visiting in the next 4 days you can get a full price ticket here. We do accept walk-ins but the guided tours would be subject to availability.

You can cancel these reservations up to 3 days before your visit.


Student discounts are for college or high school students. Students will be asked for student cards if in college or IDs if in high school as proof. If non are provided, they will be required to pay the full price to access Finca Dracula.

Children under 10

Children under 10 years old can access for free unless theres more than 5 of them in the group in which case they will have to pay 0.50 USD per child.

Children under 5

Children under 5 years old can access for free.


The maximum number of people (including children) allowed in the guided part of the visit is 15. If your group has more than 15 people you will have to split the group in two and book the corresponding time slots. Groups bigger of 8 or more people can get a special discount if they book 5 days ahead.