Finca Dracula Orchid Tour

Finca Dracula is a Botanical Garden specialized in orchids which showcases plants from Panama and arround the world. Its located in the Province of Chiriqui.
During the rainy season, the visits include a meal made here in Finca Dracula.


Monday to Sunday

May 1st - December 31st

12 people maximum per group

2-3 hours duration

9 am - 2 pm

English and Spanish

Located in Tierras Altas de Chiriqui, Panama


Visit Includes:

Access to Gardens

Meet our lush gardens filled with native species of plants, birds and animals.

Walking the gardens takes about one hour at moderate pace.

With the help of a audioguide downloadable in the app you will be able to hear the tour.


Our Coffee Shop
Depending on the package you choose we offer, breakfast, lunch, coffee time and Brunch made here at Finca Dracula with locally sourced materials.

Orchid Exhibit

With help of our audioguide in you will be able to explore  our orchid collection where you will meet hundreds of our orchids with their many weird texture, shapes and fragrances which they use to attract their pollinators and will learn why they are the biggest plant family in the world.

Quetzal Flight Trail

This trail starts on the top of the fern garden and takes you up the mountain at the hight of the trees and above to where lots of birds and native plants live finishing off in the viewing deck from where all the town is visible.



The beauty and peace of this garden leaves you breathless. Jane H.
I picked (the juice called) Dracula's Blood and tis was delicious! They hand make these juices the moment you order them so they taste fresh. Steve B.
The knowledgable guide walked us around the gardens showing us its immense variety of orchids.Roswitha E.
We were able to see the quetzal bird and hummingbirds were flying all around us.Margaret R.

Garden Map


General Gardens

These gardens are accessible without a guide, you can explore them at your own pace.

  1. Light garden
  2. Fern Garden
  3. Bhuda Garden
  4. Shade Garden
  5. Japanese Garden
  6. Bromeliad Garden
  7. Lake
  8. Mountain Trail
  9. Deck

Special Gardens and Exhibits

These gardens are restricted to be accessed only with the company of a  guide as part of the tours.

10. Orchid garden
11. Succulent Garden
12. Orchid Exhibit


How to get to Finca Dracula

To get to Finca Dracula you need to first get to the town of Guadalupe, which is actually a part of Cerro Punta, so you may find the names being used interchangeably. Once there you go uphill pass the Hotel Los Quetzales. Next turn is to the right, then left, the red gate shoud be visible. There are signposts pointing the way in the intersections close to the farm.


t. +507-771-2070
e. [email protected]
Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Panama

-During the low season (when we are closed) its best to email us because we are working far from the phone signal.


Booking must be done online.

Breakfast, lunch and brunch are only available with booking prior to visit. 

Visits without booking, if there is space available, will be sold Coffee hour tickets. 

 *Children prices apply to ages 2 to 12 yo.

Groups with more than 8 people must pay a extra charge of 50$


Comentarios de Visitantes

Yo escogí (el jugo llamado) la Sangre de Drácula y era deliciosa! Preparan estos jugos a mano en el momento así que todo sabe fresco.Steve B.
La belleza y serenidad de este jardín selvático lo deja a uno simplemente sin palabras.Jane H.
Una guía conocedora nos acompañó mostrándonos y explicando la inmensa variedad de orquídeas en el jardín.Roswitha E.

Fuimos capaces de ver unos impactantes quetzales y los colibries rondaban por todos lados.Margaret R.


Pick the meal you want to start your booking


Most cars can get up to the farm without problems. Recent renovations of the access road thanks to our neighbors have made the ride easy.
The weather up here is cold, down to 59F (16C) in daytime, with uo to 95% humidity and its the cloud forest so it can rain, specially in the rainy season. For the weather you should bring: long pants, jackets, umbrella or poncho, closed shoe (preferably boots or sneakers), and sunscreen (sun is 45% brighter up here).

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