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Viewing Deck Trail – Hotel Bambito

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Birds: 4.5   |  Orchids: 3.5  |  Plants: 2.5  |  Landscapes: 5.0  |  Signaling: 4.5

This is an easy well paved trail that goes behind the iconic Bambito Hotel into a viewin deck from which all the town of Volcan is visible. Its great for breathing fresh air, a good workout and watching birds. 


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Site Description


The area of Bambito is known in Panama for its nice weather, vegetation and the Hotel Bambito, one of the oldest large hotels outside of Panama City.


Why visit?

The trail to the viewing deck of the Hotel Bambito is a great oportunity to work out, and have a picnic enjoying an amazing view.


  • Cost

    $5 general fee, $15 by horse

  • Schedule

    Open 7:00a.m. a 6:00p.m.

  • Needs Guide


  • Public Transport Access

    You can any bus from David to Cerro Punta and get out in front of the Hotel Bambito

  • Car Access

    Yes and there is parking at the hotel.

  • Trail Duration

    About 1 hour walking and 25 by horse

  • Rainy Season

    The path is paved so there is no inconvenience in the rainy season besides ocasional rains.

  • Bugs

    We didn't see any mosquitoes though we advise to wear repellent.

  • Network Coverage

    There is good cellphone coverage all along the trail

What to wear and bring

  • Shoes - Sneakers are great for this trail
  • Jacket - not needed
  • Pants - nothing special
  • Hats recommended, some parts don't have tree cover
  • Water (about 1 liter per person)


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Trail to Viewing deck - Hotel Bambito

Video va aquí

You start at the gate of the Hotel Bambito. You walk up until you pass the mansion/cabin at the top of the resort. Thats where the trail starts. (see next picture)


You can walk leasurely, enjoying the views, the trail is clean and paved, its not slippery or dangerous. You  will reach the top of the hill where there is a clearing, thats where you can park your horses if you decided to go by horse.


This isn't the end of the trail, when you get to this point, you have to get to the other side and you will see that the trail continues until you reach the viewing deck.


  • Difficulty - Easy

    The trail is clean and easy to follow

  • Low Flora

    We saw some ferns, orchids, sunflowers and wild berries.

  • Low Fauna

    We saw a couple of birds, squires and bugs, we heard reports of quetzal sightings

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Highlights

    The stunning view from the deck

  • Precautions


Celebrate Mother's Day

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National holidays

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Celebrate Mother's Day

in Finca Dracula
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