Update April 26th

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  • Due to current government restrictions in Chiriqui province, we are closed on Sundays till further notice.
  • Lunch and Breakfast will be unavailable from Monday 31st May till Monday 7th of June.
  • Book your visit for our Brunch on May 29th which will be on sale


  • Our last shipment got problems with the government so we had to re-order. Expected arrival dates for the first batch is mid June (with Cycnodes, Bulbophyllum and Cattleyas), the second batch should arrive by the end of June with Cattleyas and Novelty Phalaenopsis
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming sale.


  • Premiers:

    Now all the new videos will be released as Premiers on Youtube. During premiers Andres will be live on IG 15 minutes before, during and after the premier to talk about orchids. He will also be answering questions in the Live chat feature on Youtube.
  • Watch our latest video on “Growing Orchids on the Floor Part Two” is out. Check it out!
  • Premier of “Growing Cattleyas on México DF” will be Friday 28th of May at 6 pm
  • Premier of “All About Cultivating Oncidium” will be Friday 4th of June at 6 pm

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