Finca Dracula Orchid Tour

Every year, from January till April, Finca Dracula Orchid Tour opens its doors to the public. This must see tourist attraction in Chiriqui brings a great opportunity to discover the wonderful Panamanian and Tropical nature. Our beautiful gardens and extensive collection of orchid and exotic flowers create an environment of relaxation that allows you to connect with the magic that those plants create. It will complete your trip through Panama and inspire you the same way it inspires us every day.


We are Closed for the Season!

See You Next Year!
Finca Dracula opens in:
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Opens January till April

Monday till Sunday

9 am- 4 pm

$10 per person

English and Spanish

Tour starts every hour

Located in Tierras Altas de Chiriqui, Panama

45 minute duration


Visit Finca Dracula!

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The beauty and peace of this garden leaves you breathless. Jane H.
I picked (the juice called) Dracula’s Blood and tis was delicious! They hand make these juices the moment you order them so they taste fresh. Steve B.
The knowledgable guide walked us around the gardens showing us its immense variety of orchids.Roswitha E.
We were able to see the quetzal bird and hummingbirds were flying all around us.Margaret R.

Garden Map

General Gardens

These gardens are accessible without a guide, you can explore them at your own pace.

  1. Light garden: This very moist bright garden hosts a beautiful combination of delicate cloud forest species and flower plants.
  2. Fern Garden: new garden with beautiful Panamanian fern species.
  3. Bhuda Garden: This small garden has beautiful flower plants including orchids, bromeliads, amaryllis and heliconias.
  4. Shade Garden: Wild landscape under trees. With beautiful Heliconias
  5. Japanese Garden: featuring the giant leaf Gunneria plants)
  6. Bromeliad Garden: This otherworldly garden features beautiful bromeliads and cordiline plants
  7. Lake: Beautiful dock from which to see the lake and Japanese garden.
  8. Mountain Trail
  9. Deck

Special Gardens and Exhibits

These gardens are restricted to be accessed only with the company of a  guide as part of the tours.

10. Orchid garden: newest garden which features dozens of orchids species and hybrids growing on trees
11. Succulent Garden: Garden with dozens of species of Cactus, Echeverias, Kalanchoe, Aloe, Euphorbias and many other succulents. (opening in 2019)
12. Orchid Exhibit: in this greenhouse we bring together most of the plants in bloom.


Buy Your Ticket Now!

  • Buy your ticket for the Finca Dracula Orchid Tour now with Paypal and get 20% off. Online the Ticket prices are a $8 per person, on the gate it runs for $10.
    Tickets to this tourist attraction include the guided tour to the special sections (Orchid garden, Succulent garden and Orchid display), you will need to specify the time and date for the guided part of the visit. After the purchase you will get a confirmation email from our staff.

    Students get a 65% discount and children 10 and under are free of charge.  If there are students in your group you can buy those tickets on the gate to get the discount.

  • Tour Time
    Tour Date


When you arrive to Finca Dracula you can buy your tickets on the gate on weekends and on the cafeteria on weekdays. 

How to get to Finca Dracula

To get to Finca Dracula you need to first get to the town of Guadalupe, which is actually a part of Cerro Punta, so you may find the names being used interchangeably. Once there you go uphill pass the Hotel Los Quetzales. Next turn is to the right, then left, the red gate shoud be visible. There are signposts pointing the way in the intersections close to the farm.


t. +507-771-2070
e. [email protected]
Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Panama

-During the low season (when we are closed) its best to email us because we are working far from the phone signal.


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Most cars can get up to the farm without problems. Recent renovations of the access road thanks to our neighbors have made the ride easy.
The weather up here is cold, down to 59F (16C) in daytime, with uo to 95% humidity and its the cloud forest so it can rain.

For the weather you should bring: long pants, jackets, umbrella or poncho, closed shoe (preferably boots or sneakers), and sunscreen (sun is 45% brighter up here).

Finca Dracula opens in:
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